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Fender Pair


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Unlimited Customisation

Make your AM1 yours, with colour matched fenders for rainy days or an integrated handlebar basket to travel without having to wear a backpack on hotter days.

The AM1 is built using standard bike components allowing you customise the bike indefinitely using parts readily available from your local bike store. 

Need to cycle 40+ miles?

Want to travel 40 or even 60 miles? Add more batteries to your order to double or even triple your range.

Add a Spare Battery


Every AM1 (+) and AM1 STEP (+) arrives flat-packed to your door.


Pre-orders will be dispatched in March 2019


Every product comes with a comprehensive 12 month warranty for your peace of mind.


  • How do I know what size AM1 to buy?

    AM1 50cm

    AM1 55cm

    AM1 STEP 49cm


    172cm +

    156cm +

    ST :  50 cm
    HT :  10.5 cm
    TT :  56 cm
    SH: 7-24.5 cm
    ST :  55 cm
    HT :  10.5 cm
    TT :  57.2 cm
    7-24.5 cm
    ST :  49 cm
    HT :  22 cm
    TT :  59.8 cm
    SH: 10-27.5cm

    If you are 6ft 3" (190cm) or over we recommend our Adjustable Stem Pack for a more comfortable ride.
  • When will I receive my AM1?

    Orders typically arrive 3-10 days after purchase.

  • How do I assemble my AM1?

    Assembling an AM1 is easy. We provide clear instructions and all the tools that you will need to get yours up-and-running. Should you have any problems, we're here to help 24/7 on our live chat (the icon in the bottom right of your screen).

  • Can my AM1 be serviced at a regular bike shop?

    Yes! The AM1 shares 90% of its components with a non-electric bike. Any bike shop will be happy to service your AM1.