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Where it all began

It all started back in 2014 when two creative, techy types moved from a product research studio in Scotland to the tech-agency scene of London. Each morning they dropped down their respective escalators, diligently minding the gap [on the London Underground], ready to embark on their daily pilgrimage via Londons expansive transport network. This pilgrimage soon became a penance.

"I grew up in the Northern Irish countryside where the cows had more elbowroom on their way to the market than the commuters on the Central Line. Cows don’t even have elbows!"

But Nav saw light at the end of the underground. He got a bike and saw his commute shrink by 20 minutes and with his leg day sufficiently un-skipped, was feeling pretty good. But there are practical issues with cycling 10 miles each morning, such as having to fill at 30L rucksack each morning with a supply of fresh clothes, towels and beard oil (when you know, you know).



Jack had also sought refuge in two-wheeled transport. His commute was consistently inconstant; producing journey times anywhere between 45 minutes and 2 hours. His upgrade was a 40-year-old single speed bicycle with some questionable modifications. The time saving was addictive. He wanted more. Jack became Nav's co-conspirator of various personal electric concepts; good, bad and the unsafe.

  1. In true engineer-cum-entrepreneur fashion Analog Motion emerged from a spare room over years of evenings and weekends. The goal: to design an electric form of transport people actually want to ride, rather than have to ride, at the right price and in fitting with city lifestyles. The challenge was to bring the weight to an electric bike to that of a manual, while still offering a powerful electric assist.

  • Over a dozen prototypes later, with multiple failures and scar bearing injuries, the designs for each component were sent to multiple factories around the world who had decades of experience producing electric vehicles.

The first round of production prototypes were put in the hands of beta testers who were challenged to put them through hell and this feedback informed the next iterations. We updated the frame geometry, drive chain, cable routing, handlebars, saddle and control electronics.


In the summer of 2018 we launched the AM1 on Kickstarter, raising £330k and another £30k on Indiegogo Indemand. 


It's been an incredible journey getting this far and we're so appreciative of the support we've received from everyone to get to this point.

Behind the scenes




Nav has over 6 years working in Product Design and is always focussed on how to enhance the user experience. He spends 80% of his day thinking big and 20% examining lunch menus.



Jack is the resident spec expert, and has been working in the creative design industry for almost a decade. What he doesn't know about the curvature of a front fork isn't worth knowing.



Ric handles all things numbers and operations, with a background in data analysis and a penchant for problem-solving. His spreadsheet knowledge is topped only by his obsession with geography trivia.



Pierre handles 3D, website and all things visual, with a background in product and web design. He spends most of his weekends restoring vintage bikes and cursing imperial fittings.


People and Projects

After working in the creative and advertising industry for a couple of years now, Ambar decided to return to the challenges of start-up life sharing her production, project management and people experience. She loves handing out high five’s to amazing people while dancing her way through life asking what to have for lunch.



With a background in web development, graphic design & engineering, Jim has worked for clients including Dior, CaféDirect Producers Foundation, Universal Music and the British Council. He founded Those in order to explore the use of new technologies in design.



From a product design background, Barney has worked on projects for Lego, Tomy, Hasbro and Vivid Imaginations. He has developed a unique knowledge of 3D printing for product design and has worked alongside Faberdashery showcasing their amazing 3D printing materials.



Hi, I’m Mavis Beacon. I’m a petite, short-legged Boston Terrier in London, UK. I casually hang out in the AM office.