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  • Is the AM1 Legal?

    If you can ride a bike you can ride an AM1. There's no legal requirement for a license, insurance or road tax as it complies with UK & EU speed, power, and safety legislation.
  • How much does the AM1 weigh?

    Approximately 13.5kg (30lbs) depending on spec. This includes the battery which weighs ~900g.
  • How fast is the AM1?

    The AM1 accelerates considerably faster for the same given effort than a non-electric bike. As per UK & EU speed, power, and safety legislation, the AM1 stops assisting at 15.5mph (23Kmph), but due to the rear-wheel-drive motor, you can accelerate past that as easily as you would on a non-electric bike. The gear ratio is set to a maximum speed of ~27mph
  • Once I receive my AM1, how do I assemble it

    The AM1 arrives part assembled. We provide clear written and video instructions to assemble it yourself.

    We will soon be providing an option where we can send directly to your local bike shop who will take delivery, assemble it, and set it up for you
  • How do I secure my AM1?

    We recommend removing the battery whenever the bike is locked. Removing the battery takes seconds. Apart from this, lock it as you would lock any bike.
  • Does every AM1 have a unique serial number?

    Yes. It is stamped into the frame.
  • Is there any benefit of owning an AM1 even for a short commute?

    Heck yea. The AM1 puts the level of effort required into your hands. You can chose to go faster, or put in less effort. Once you get used to riding an AM1, its hard to go back to a bike without a motor :)
  • What happens if my battery goes flat?

    It rides like a normal, single speed bike. This is something that we love about our geared rear-wheel-drive motor. If you get caught out and your battery goes flat its no big deal.
  • Can I fit different pedals/saddle/etc?

    Absolutely. You will be able to find a huge variety of parts at your local bike store.
  • Can I fit a pannier rack to an AM1?

  • Does the AM1 come with gears?

    No. The drivetrain is single speed i.e one gear ratio. It's not possible to add gears.
  • What cells are in the battery?

    Our battery uses 14x ICR18650-26HM. They are a high quality cell produced by Samsung with 2600MaH. Note that the exact model of cell is subject to change according to supply chain.
  • Does the AM1 have regenerative braking?

    No. The type of motor required for regenerative braking is called “direct drive”. This motor is not only heavier and more expensive but also suffers from 'cogging'. Cogging is a term used to describe an additional resistance that the rider would have to pedal against if the battery goes flat. It feels like cycling through treacle. Our “geared” motor is compact, lightweight and freewheels just like an unpowered bike.
  • Can I lock the battery to the AM1?

    No. All battery locks that we tested could be defeated in minimal time with basic tools. We want to make electric bikes common place. When they are, thefts of batteries will increase. Given that AM1’s battery can be removed in seconds, weighs 900g and easily fits into most bags; we opted for a system that allows you to remove one of the most expensive parts of the bike, and greatly reduce its vulnerability to theft. You can't steal something that isn't there.
  • How does the electronic braking system work?

    To conform to certain EU directives all e-bikes sold in the EU need to temporarily shut off power to the motor when the user brakes. This is a safety feature which prevents the motor from propelling the user at a time when they wish to stop. The sensors work by reading the position of the brake cables and when they shift from their position the system senses this and immediately cuts power to the motor, even if you’re still pedalling.
  • Which territories do you not ship to?

    We ship worldwide with the exception of the following countries and territories:

    If you have backed us from one of these get in touch and we will work out what the best course of action is.

    Central African Republic - CF



    Equatorial Guinea - GQ


    Guinea Bissau - GW

    Iran - IR

    Johnston Island


    Korea, North (North Korea)

    Mayotte Island

    Myanmar - MM



    Saint Pierre Et Miquelon

    Sao Tome & Principe

    Sierra Leone - SL

    Solomon Islands

    Somalia - SO

    St. Helena (S. Atlantic)

    Sudan - SD

    Syria - SY


    Tokelau Islands

    Turkmenistan, Republic Of - TM


    Wake Islands