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 AMX Delivery Schedule


  Shipping from Delivery from
EU orders up to 05/20 05/20  07/20
EU orders from 05/20 - 06/20 06/20 08/20 
EU orders from 06/20
EU orders from 07/20
US orders
06/20 (ETA at fulfilment centre 18/08/20)
RoW orders 08/20 08/20


Our aim is to get all Backers their AMX at the earliest opportunity, and we have been working closely with our assembly and warehousing partners to ensure fulfilment can be facilitated as smoothly as possible

European and North American Backers:
Once AMXs arrive at the regional fulfilment centres, the bikes will be allocated to each Backer based on your Indiegogo Backer Number. As your AMX leaves the fulfilment centre you will receive a dispatch confirmation and Tracking Number allowing you to monitor delivery to your door. Please note individual Tracking will only be available at this point, as bikes won’t be assigned to specific Backers until each order is prepared

‘Rest of World’ Backers (non-European or North Americans)
Orders will be dispatched by airmail from our assembly facility. This will be actioned once corona-related airmail restrictions are relaxed by couriers. Our Ops Team are monitoring developments here so we can get this moving when possible. You will also receive a Tracking Number to monitor your shipment once your AMX leaves the facility

We will continue to keep the schedule updated, and will be able to add more detail as we progress



Canadian Backers - we are exploring the option of sending your bikes via the US warehouse to circumvent the current airmail restrictions

Norwegian, Swiss & Icelandic Backers - we intend to ship your orders via our European warehouse