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Sep 21, 2020 - 4:09 PM

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  • I've come here from the Indiegogo pages (they're not happy over there!!) And, I am reading people on the forums who were late backers (later than me), but have received emails regarding shipping (including dates!) As a May backer, should I know more than I currently do (which is nothing)?

  • I am a June backer. I do not have a specific shipping data. AM posted a delivery schedule on their blog (on this site) somewhere which made people to believe they know a delivery month, but AMX later could not stick to that schedule. You should however, as of recent, have received a generically worded e-mail from Jack explaining at least roughly in what stage your specific bike is right now.

    As for me the e-mail told me that my AMX is awaiting the arrival of some final components including tyres and disc brakes; components which are experiencing strong demand due to the current world conditions. We now expect your bike to depart from our assembly facility in Mid October. We will continue to keep you updated with regular emails.. The assembly facility is in China, i.e. from then, as we now know, it is another mongth until the bike arrives in the UK (if for Europe), from then it is another couple of weeks until it arrives at your doorstep. Do you receive such kind of e-mails?

    If not you might indeed write to support and ask. Do not expect to get a personalized response; but they might in response include you into their mailing list, which seems to be individualized in correspondance with the various of batches of bikes that they are preparing. There is a lot to be unhappy about, but I do not doubt that you will ultimately receive your bike.

  • Hi Guys, yes there have been some delays for some shipments but please do check your email as we are sending emails weekly to all those affected. These emails are the most up to date source of information. I really appreciate your patience while we deal with some challenging logistics. We're nearing the finish line though! The product feedback has been awesome and it's encouraging to see so many people delighted with their bikes. This forum is often used for dealing with problems but we see all the good feedback too :)

  • We would like to believe this time the information is accurate... not like previous months infos ! And that nobody will steal our bikes in our storage place before we will be able to ride it next spring.
    Fingers crossed 🤞

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