Finally got my LE today, unfortunately there are issues

Aug 18, 2020 - 5:11 PM

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  • 349 days after I pledged, my AMX Classic LE finally arrived, see pictures.
    Issues so far:
    1) front tyre (28 x 2.00) is too wide, doesn't fit into the fender's narrow part between the front fork's arms. Creates a hell of noise when cycling and, of course, a good deal of friction. Ordered a slimmer tyre (28 x 1.60) from an internet bike shop a few minutes ago. Shouldn't be necessary to do that, should it?
    2) integrated lights don't work. Yes, I kept + and - right. Got to figure out what's wrong but at present I have no idea.





  • Did your battery and pedals come with the bike? My bike arrived this morning, without a battery and without pedals, and without many of the things I can see in your first picture.


  • @arnereimers Fender is a very close fit but I made mine work. Push fender into the highest position possible on the slot. If that still rubs just bend the fender out a bit! I don't think I have ever had bike fenders that haven't needed a bit of 'fettling'. Light issue ... sorry if this sounds dumb but you have hit the power button a second time to switch them on have you?!

  • The fenders definitely do fit but do note that their position is adjustable according to which tyres you choose to install, an intentional feature. If the fender is mounted too close to the tyre rubbing can create a noise, this is an indication that something isn't perfectly seated. If you wish you may post pictures of your set-up and we can have a look and offer some advice. I suspect the advice mentioned above may be the solution you are seeking here.

  • I agree with the above, the fender fits fine as long as it is held in the uppermost position while it is screwed in :)

  • Hi !
    Same here, I did not receive the lights !

  • Dear Arne,
    sorry for your troubles. My bike also came with some seriously damaged parts. AMX has not been very helpful so far and I have a bike I can't use.

  • Thx to everyone for replying, I really appreciate it. As to the lights, I just mounted some third party lights. Regarding the fenders: it was not possible to lift them up to the highest position due to a thick weldseam that prevented this. Hope you can see this in the attached picture. Anyway, the new smaller tyre fits and I'm happy with that.

  • Here are the pictures:



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