Vor über 2 Monaten bestellt...

Aug 12, 2020 - 12:04 PM

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  • ...und die Kreditkarte belastet. Bis heute leider keine Rückmeldung oder Infos...

  • Haha, I ordered mine in September 2019 and I'm still waiting! Regarding information, they sent out many updates via Indiegogo right into your email. Relax, one day the bike will arrive!

  • ....vor einem Jahr bestellt....Fragen???????

  • The problem really is that they posted a delivery schedule which is by now heavily outdated. To everybody who pledged months or years ago, it was clear that this is not shopping and that it can take a long while until the bike is received. However AM posted a delivery schedule, then they missed that delivery schedule, and now they are just silent about it. Also, while the initial pledge was unconditional, Backerkit stated that for the add-ons, they would only charge the credit card once the project is shipping. Well, they charged mine two months ago. The problem here is NOT that it takes a long time. The problem is the horrendous communication and the broken promises.

  • Honestly, it's become a joke. I feel like we are all being scammed, and the feel-good messages are not helping to calm that impression.

    After months of upbeat messages implying that the shipping date is somehow right around the corner (but of course it would be completely impossible to be even a little bit more specific than that!), I received an email today telling me that my bike is in still in China - not even in UK customs! - that that it will take at least another FIVE weeks to arrive.

    This now pushes the delivery date into October, for a bike initially bought in May, the famous surprise additional Backerkit payment billed in July (which supposedly would not be billed until the bike shipped), invoice received in August (again, supposedly would not be sent until the bike shipped), and now we are talking about maybe taking delivery in October.

    I guess I will look forward to a couple of months of radio silence before receiving my next email in November informing me that everything is delayed again until January due to the next unforeseeable issue.

  • Same thing here. Well, I understand that I did not buy anything with my initial Indiegogo pledge. So it was clear that this could end up to be a very long wait.

    However, I am absolutely with you on the additional Backerkit payment. Backerkit clearly stated that the credit card would only be billed once the perk is ready to ship. I also received the mid-October at the earliest e-mail yesterday. I checked whether that would be a reason to request reimbursement of the Backerkit payment with my credit card company, but suprise, it is one week over the legal time limit for credit card payment reimbursements.

    My backer ID is 1915 from early June 20. I understand that others need to be served before it is my turn. The thing that freaks me out is the early charge of the Backerkit payment.

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