Aug 1, 2020 - 11:10 AM

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  • Same size battery, similar look, similar price to the AMX. The AMX (if it ever arrives 🤞) was the only choice for me as I can't charge indoors + bonus comfy tires.

    Has anyone ridden a Babymaker and an AMX and been able to compare?


  • The amount of adverts i see for this bike puts me off. Overhyped. I would like to ride one to see how it compares.

  • Did some more searching on this. Looks dubious for the simple reason that it places way more emphasis on marketing than on the design of the bike: The steering geometry looks weird - steering axis is a long way behind the front axle. The placement of brake levers on the dropped bars is insane / dangerous. There is no detail on the frame geometry / sizing (they show one rider in action for whom the bike is way undersized). I found this quote These are style-over-substance bike-shaped objects that are distributed to people that may not know any better .... err that seems to sum it up rather nicely. Also it is called Babymaker. What?!

  • I guess we're all a bit biased @cjm1066 as we all bought AMX ;-D

    I completely agree though. Something about the whole campaign didnt feel right for me. Having now ridden my AMX i certainly have no regrets and I couldnt live with charging a bike indoors. The build quality of the AMX really is crazy for the price.

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  • @UNDRMKR - happy to admit to being a bit biased! But Babymaker! come on. Who calls a serious bike that?! Also the 6'6" guy riding it in one of the videos nearly has his knees knocking his elbows. I will stop now!

  • Looked at it but I was put off by the small battery which can’t be swapped for a fresh spare like the AMX range. I backed the AM1 so have a spare & knew they’d deliver. The daily updates from FLX were also very tiresome,on lockdown watching ppl out on California beaches etc...I got my mini and it is very light and nimble compared to my old mate S which is now with my brother. Once you tweak settings the little 200w hub puts out enough to keep up & then some with the mates 350w hub. Pulling weight uphill may lose mind,two very different bikes but both fun...