Kids e-bike

Jul 29, 2020 - 4:15 PM

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  • I'm thinking of getting an e-bike for my kids to use in the city when we get rid of our car. Both almost teenagers. Is it safe for them? Can anyone recommend any models? Maybe they could just have an analog motion or smaller e-bike without the battery until they're old enough

  • I think laws differ regionally in the U.K it’s 14 years for e bikes on road (some countries it’s 16) but I actually saw a Kickstarter for a kiddie e bike although that was tiny & for weenies!
    I think AMX would be perfect for them,I got the mini as it’s smaller 20” wheels so I can store it with little space & it still fits into cars etc.
    Value for money and so easily customised with standard bike parts everywhere but the e system.
    Worth looking out for second hand AM1’s on eBay from backers who upgraded to AMX bikes,I’m always seeing mate bikes cheap - I have a mate and it was excellent but a little heavy for me. My brothers now using it after I did 3k miles on it! Those go for as little as £300 on eBay now...
    Lucky kids lol all we had was conkers! 😉