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Feb 22, 2021 - 1:43 PM

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  • Hi folks,

    I'm in a bit of a pickle and since I don't know what to do anymore (because we don't get answers from the AM-support), I write here.

    First, we received the bike for my wife (AMX STEP LE) on December the 22nd 2020. We backed for multiple add ons and two of them are missing. To be precise, the light pack and the touring pack is missing. So we wrote to the AM-support the day we received the bike.

    The first response was on the same day (kudos for that!), asking us to look more thoroughly through the package. We did that, multiple times, no sign of either the light or the touring pack. We told them that on the same day.

    The next response from AM was at the 6th of January with an apology for the delay. They wrote that they have dispatched a new light pack but that it was caught up between France and the UK and that they will be dispatching another light pack and that we will get a tracking number for that. That was ok for us, but what about the touring pack? The answer from AM was, that they don't have any touring packs and that they will refund us. That seemed odd to us, because we backed the touring pack. But what can we do? So we were ok with the refund ...

    On the 11th of January they wrote us, that the light pack was on the way (we never got the promised tracking number) to us and they don't know what other parts we are talking about (the touring pack we mentioned earlier).

    We never heard from AM again and as you can guess, we never received the light pack or the refund for the touring pack.

    Since then, we wrote multiple emails ... but simply never got any answer.

    Did somebody had similar problems and got them sorted? If so, how?

  • Hi Sebastien,

    We are very sorry about the level of customer support you received, I did followed up on your query and will sort you out. We are a very small customer support team and sometimes get a bit overwhelmed.

    Pierre from AM

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