Upgrading front chainring?

Nov 23, 2020 - 9:38 PM

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  • Hey there, still waiting for my bike to be shipped, but I was wondering if anyone thought about putting a bigger chainring (or beltring I suppose??) on the bike to get a „better“ transmission... as in „paddle slower at higher speeds“? Would that be feasible? I guess one would also need to get a slightly bigger belt then 🧐🤨...

    Cheers from Berlin,

  • Hi Sebastian,

    We use standard components so you can update the chainring or rear cog if you wish to.
    Be aware that you are doing this at your own risk and it will affect the way your bike feel and ride. If you ordered a bike with a chain (City, Capital or Mini) upgrading the components is easier and cheaper, if you downsize you can keep the same chain and reduce the length for example. If you ordered a LE, it is a bit more complex and expensive as you will have to get the corresponding belt length to the cog/ring you get.

    Hope this helps,

  • Hey Pierre,

    Yes, that helps! Thanks a lot mate!


  • Bonjour , moi je viens de modifier le plateau avant en réduisant le nombre de dents . Passage de 46 en 42 .

    Le vélo est plus facile en monté , car j'ai des grosses monté et la batterie arrive pas a suivre sur une longue distance .

    Modification très facile .

    Juste un maillon de chaîne a enlever


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