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Aug 1, 2020 - 11:13 AM

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  • With no official rear rack from Analog Motion, what pannier rack have you bought? I'm struggling to find one that I'm confident will fit over the fat tyres.

  • Hi @undrmkr.

    Thanks for starting this discussion.

    We have an article for AMX rear racks on our Help & Support here: https://analogmotion.helpdocs.io/article/qb9adbpcx5-can-i-fit-a-rack

    I will keep an eye on this thread. I will add any racks discussed in here that are known to fit into the article.

  • I have fitted a Tortec Ultralight and it worked fine. The legs of the rack needed to be splayed out a little but being aluminium this isn't difficult and shouldn't stress the material. You need to make or source some spacing washers for where it mounts near the rear wheel. It looks great I think (I will replace with a black one when I get the time) and works really well. Am attaching some photos to show relevant spacers and the finished effect.




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  • Have now fitted the black version of Tortec Ultralight. Some good -- looks better. Some bad -- it seems to be powder coated not anodised so I am not sure how durable it is going to be. Bit of a minus mark for Tortec on this (I am sure they used to do an anodised one).


  • The black looks way better. There are no fitment issues I take it?

  • I have the mini AMX and the capital so disc brakes and the smaller wheel size make it trickier finding the right one,the cheaper mini with calliper brakes will be easy and cheaper to get a rack on both ends,for my mini I just got a Rixen & Kaul freeload rack that’s a seat post job good for 10kg.

    I’ve got loads of R&K stuff but it all goes onto different sized parts on other bikes I own. AM need to start adding front end bosses and rear end alternatives for the disc brake version bikes. My Hooligan has the disc callipers mounted on the underside which lets standard racks onto the back. R&K do a headset mount as well so a vario/kanga rack or bag/basket could go upfront for townies. I’m sure I’ll get there in the end. The little one coming will do until then.

    I’ll add some pics when I have gotten the rack & fitted it. Otherwise all I’ve done is add some QR pedals & a QR stem so I can fold flat for storage!




  • Hi UNDRMKR - No issues with fitting the Tortec at all. Its a good option I think.

  • @timorez I'd be very interested to get your feeling about the rack you ordered.
    Also could you please tell us which of the Ixow Stempark model you used ?
    I see three on there store: Mountain Casual, Urban Classic and Trip active.
    I am considering the Trip active but as you have mounted one already I'd be interested in knowing which.

    What about there racks ? Won't they fit the AMX Mini ? https://www.bike-mailorder.de/racktime-eco-2-0-standard-schwarz?number=sw25136

  • I'm about to order the Topeak Super Tourist DX (disc version), I like the extra bars to hang the panniers:

  • @f Did you order it? And did it fit? I keep flitting between options and still yet to commit to onw=e

  • I bought one from decathlon https://www.decathlon.fr/p/porte-bagages-500-onesecondclip-26-28-compatible-tous-freins-dont-disque/_/R-p-161371?mc=8364376&c=NOIR


    Does somebody, try to put the rear light on the rear rack ? Is there enough cable length?

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