Using 36v AMX Battery with 24v AM1+

Oct 26, 2020 - 4:40 PM

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  • Hi, hoping someone can give me an educated guess/answer as to the potential risks of using an AMX extended range battery with an AM1+?

    I own an AM1+ and got sent an AMX extended range battery by accident. I was only able to use it once as I obviously didn't have the right charger to charge it up again, but it made the bike so much quicker off the line than my standard AM1+ battery.

    Long term, would this mismatch wreck either the bike or the battery, or is there a chance it would be able to handle it? Ive noticed there is an option to change the voltage settings on the AM1+ LCD display from 24v to 36v - is this of any use to me, or is it an irrelevant setting?

    Much appreciated,

  • Hi Richard,

    The 36V battery shouldn't be used with your AM1, the controller and the motor of the AM1 are 24V, even if the battery is working, you are potentially causing long term damage if you keep using it.