Motor working occasionally, then cutting out and being unresponsive.

Sep 8, 2020 - 8:27 AM

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  • Hi!

    My partner has had an AM1 for about a year or so now and it's been fantastic up until recently. All of the cables are correctly attached and have been removed and reconnected with all the pins still intact. The LED monitor displays the battery levels correctly and it all appears to be working beside it not actually working. If we leave the bike for a few days and do the brake sensor rest procedure, the motor works until we press the brakes once - then even the procedure doesn't work to get the motor working again and we have to leave it.

    Not sure what to do in this situation as bike shops are unable to help!


  • When I squeeze the brakes on my AM1 I can see a little icon on the right side of the display, which goes away when I release them. Does that little icon show up on yours? (see image)

    Is it one brake handle that causes the problem or it doesn't matter which, either one does it?

    Maybe check the manual before disconnecting the brake sensors. I might have messed one of mine up when disconnecting :) It was the front brake and I always squeeze both so not really a big deal.


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