Sudden noise from pedals or motor followed by power loss

May 25, 2021 - 3:28 PM

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  • Dear AMX community,

    After my first 1500 Km without any issues, I have a strange problem that I realise may be related to other issues that people have mentioned here. Suddenly there is a loud noise as if a piece of metal or plastic got caught inside the bottom bracket or the motor (I'm not sure where exactly the noise comes from) and when that happens many things can happen:

    • The motor pushes forward as if I had switched to maximum assistance
    • The battery level in the display shows full, even if just before was less than full and the battery is less that full
    • Changing the assistance level in the display has no effect, even off the motor keeps pushing forward
    • I have to break to get it to stop, and then it won't start again Luckily, a reboot seems to get things back in order, but is happening more and more often and I fear that something will end up braking for good.

    Do those symptoms look like something obvious for a connaisseur? Is there any recommended way do diagnose things or some useful information about the parts and systems that I could share with my local bike repair guy for them to look at the problem?



  • Dear AMX community,
    With assistance from the friendly team at Analog Motion we got to the bottom of this problem that was in fact that the motor cable was not properly attached. I've seen other posts talking about similar symptoms, including the feeling that the bike goes full power out of control. In that case you have to cut the cable fasteners, unplug the motor to make sure all connectors are clean and then firmly plug it back. It worked for me, just had to buy a bag of 2.5 mm cable fasteners