Gates Carbon belt to tight

Jan 29, 2021 - 3:07 PM

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  • I have just finished setting up my New AMX and on testing the Gates belt tension with a Kriket gauge it is measuring around 30 to 35KG which according to the Gates Website is to high and will place undue pressure on the bearings.
    Does anyone have a guide as to how I would go about slackening the tension as there do not appear to be any guides on the website with regards to belt tension adjustment.

  • I also thought the tension was too high. When rolling out I found the freewheel quite noisy and the bike felt like something dragging.

    Loosen the axle bolts a bit. (metric 19mm spanner)
    On the rear end you will find two inner hex screws inside the fork on both sides. Undo these 1/4 turn.
    Tighten the axle bolts. Slightly tighten the inner hex bolts.
    Check tension, I used the gates app.
    Check rear brake.

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  • Hi Alex thanks for your help I had to remove the rear wheel anyway to fit puncture protection, the wheel nuts were super tight and because the belt was so taught the axle was not fully seated correctly in the drop outs. All now adjusted and the belt tensioned correctly, just makes me wonder how many people may be riding around with belts to tight if this is normal on all factory set up bikes.