Motor not working

Jan 1, 2021 - 6:47 PM

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  • hey everyone
    I got my AMX LE and tried to ride it today. the motor is not working. all cables checked!
    battery is charged and on. the display is working
    the rear wheel is not spinning, if held off the ground.
    i tied the walking assinstance as well - the motor makes a very quiet click sound - thats all.

    anyone familiar with this problem or any advice?
    I contacted the support - but its probably difficult to reach someone before next week- I would like to solve the problem during the weekend.
    thanks for your help

  • Maybe check the connector on the left side rear wheel stay (or whatever you call the tube wich goes from the bracket bottom to where the rear wheel bolts in) Unplug it and reconnect, two clicks.

  • @tomwesterloh We can help you with this. I can see one of our support team is looking into this for you now.

    @alexmatla You're probably correct :) but its worth us assessing every case just to be sure.

  • I have just sent off an email to Support but was wondering if anyone has could offer any assistance while I am awaiting a reply. My motor just stopped running mid cycle. The battery is full and working. The display is working. All the cables have been checked and are in place. Wheel resistance is good. Checked the walk assist - no power is going to the motor. Motor is not kicking in. Bike had been running smoothly for the first 12km of cycle but then just died! Don't know what else to try.