Disk brake adjustment again, hands on

Dec 17, 2020 - 11:31 AM

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  • The procedure to align the caliper on the disk is somewhat simplistic, or rather demands some insight on what you are actually doing. I followed the procedure, but couldn't get it right, it kept touching and rubbing. On closer look, I noticed the disk bending when squeezing the brake handle, so no way the caliper could be aligned correctly.
    So, in order to get things straight I simply lined the caliper to the disk on eye, looking at the gap between the straight side facing the disk. Now it brakes really good, able to dose the braking very fine and come to a screeching emergency stop.


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  • Can you make a video hands on and post it on YT? I really can't adjust it perfectly and there is always some noise.

  • So, after almost a year I decided it was enough sqeeling and adjusting with the mechanical disc brakes. Time to replace and upgrade to hydraulics. But I did want to keep the original brake levers, because I really like them and they make the appearance of the bike complete. So, searching for a solution I found these. See pic. Hydraulic brakes wich are cable operated. Fit 'n forget, no more dragging, grating or mal-adjustment.


  • Can you send a link of the new brakes? Where did you buy it?

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