[FIXED] What’s this red connector for? AMX Step

Nov 26, 2020 - 7:19 PM

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  • Hi all,

    Just finished setting up the AMX Step and noticed this short red connector poking out from the bottom of the frame. Everything seems ok, but I haven’t taken it for a test ride yet.

    Couldn’t see anything about it in the build manual. Am I missing something?


    P.S. I ordered a light pack and the bike came with one of the rear light wires already installed through the seat post, and another in the light pack box. I saw previously that this was done the make the build a bit easier, but the instructions don’t match up anymore and I got confused for a while :) might want to amend the instructions on that one.


  • Hi @andrewmacarthy1, is a power connector for future accessories, see https://analogmotion.com/community/forums/forums/5092-amx-technical-discussion/topics/20219-fixed-what-cable-is-this-hanging-unconnected

  • Hi @andrewmacarthy1, as Adrian pointed this is a cable connector for future accessories :)
    We noted your point for the light and will update the instructions accordingly.
    Thanks for the feecback!

  • Thanks Pierre!

    I did have one more question. Hope it’s okay to ask here rather than in a new thread.

    I ordered the Step LE for my wife, who is 5ft 2in (157.5cm), based on the recommended rider height of 155cm+. I realise it’s on the cusp a bit (and that many online guides recommend one or two frames smaller), but upon testing, she feels like the bike is really quite big for her.

    It is technically rideable, but can only just get the tips of her toes on the ground when sitting on the seat and it’s lowest height.

    Can you share some insight into your testing and feedback with small riders on the Step, and if there anything you can suggest to make the ride more comfortable/safe for my wife?

    Otherwise I feel we may have no choice but to sell the Step for something smaller, which obviously we don’t want to do.


  • Hi Andrew,

    We have small rider riding on the STEP including one person we know that is 1m52cm.
    Most people gets frame that are too small, I do have my toes on the ground on the saddle on most of my bikes :)

    If you really need to, you can gain a few centimetres by changing for a flater seat or changing the tyres to some smaller ones. You could also drop the pressure a bit on the tyres and gain 1-2cm.

    Also remember that a Step frame, as the name suggest is easy to step on and off, so it is fairly easy to stay off the saddle at traffic light and hop on the saddle once it's green.

    Hope this helps.