Rear wheel

Nov 26, 2020 - 5:53 PM

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  • Hello
    does anybody have any tip for taking out the rear wheel? I just got my AMX and got a flat tyre. The rear nut bolts are so tightly screwed. Tried it myself, took it to two different repair shops, they say you need a specific machine to unscrew them. Is that true? First time this happens to me....

  • Hi William, I had to unscrew recently the rear wheel to repair a puncture, and I had no problem doing it. It was quite firmly tightened but not enough to prevent me from unscrewing it with a good wrench.
    Maybe you should reach out to the support..?

  • Hi William,
    You just have to unscrew the two rear wheel bolts using a 19mm spanner, there is no need for a specific machine, I don't know which bike shop you went too but they clearly lied to you... See picture attached:


  • 19mm??? That's quite uncommon for a bike and is a surprise for me. The standard is 15mm I believe. I have a multi-tool for emergencies and that goes only up to 15. It's unfortunate to realize that I will have trouble to fix the bike myself if I have a puncture in a remote area.