Condensation in display screen after half an hour in the rain

Nov 16, 2020 - 9:56 AM

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  • I took out my AMX for the first time in a month or so over the weekend. And got caught in not particularly heavy rain on the way home.

    It must have been raining on it for all of 20mins, but this morning the display screen is completely fogged up with condensation. Do I have a defective unit? or are these things actually not waterproof / even slightly water resistant?

  • Hi Andy,
    Can you reach out on support@analogmotion.com so we can sort you out :)

  • I've seen this complaint a lot of times. It is really worrying. The reply from AM so far is only about asking people to reach support. @Andy if we you get this resolved, please let us know how.

  • Hi Said,

    We ask people to contact support so we can understand where the problem is coming from and, if needed get the replacement part sent. We are aware of that issue and we are dealing with our supplier to understand the issue.


  • My display is also broken. We didn't even have rain and I store my bike with a cover. 😔 I already sent email to support.

    I'm really sad because I had so many issues so far. I really regret buying this bike. I wish I could return.