Can I charge my AMX battery with a 42V - 2A charger?

Oct 17, 2020 - 10:10 AM

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  • This is the one I have.

    Curious if this one would work as well.

    I could not find any charger that outputs explicitly 36V at 2A or 3A with the right cable and the one that Analog Motion offers is sold out.

    References I consulted:

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  • Hi Martin, alternatively to the original AM charger I use another 42v 2A charger to charge my battery and it works well. It is quite normal to charge a battery with a higher voltage than its nominal value. I think a 42v charger for a 36v battery is good, provided the current is not too high (2A is ok for this battery).

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  • fingers crossed 🤞☺️


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  • Hi Martin,

    36v AMX batteries are made up of a 10S2P battery of Panasonic / Sanyo 18650 cells (18mm diameter and 65mm in height), in other words;

    10 x cells in series (S) and 2 x in parallel (P).

    These cells have a nominal charge of 3.6v but when fully charged they reach 4.2 volts. Hence 4.2 x 10 = 42v

    Hope this explains why 36v batteries require a 42v charger.