I just received my AMX Road and liked it so far. But I had the experience that sometimes it accelerates for approx 2 seconds even if I have stopped pedaling.
I find this dangerous - when I'm in front of a red traffic light and touch the pedal just a bit, the bike wants to propel me another few metres. It even led to one situation where I stopped and wanted to get off, but as soon as I Iet go of the brakes, it started to move on again and I fell off.

Did anyone else had similar experiences?
I wonder if there is a P Setting in the Display Settings to configure the delay after which the motor stops. I tried P12 as it seemed to be the range which would fit the problem, but it didn't.

Basically I want the motor only to turn on when I'm pedaling.

I would appreciate if there would be an explenation to every setting in this list: