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Oct 14, 2020 - 11:18 PM

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  • @jack 's post with all the default P settings was very interesting:

    What we all want to know is what the various settings do.

    I went through the list of default settings for the Classic/Step and noted the available ranges of settings for each. My hope is that it's a small step toward deciphering the display function in the absence of official info from AM.

    P00- 4 (0-5)
    P01- 8 (0-9): Display brightness
    P02- 0 (0/1): Km/Miles
    P03- 36 (24, 36, 48, 60): Battery size
    P04- 10 (0-255): Display time out, maybe?
    P05- 1 (0-5)
    P06- 1 (1-64): wonder if the range to 64 can be a clue...
    P07- 1 (0/1)
    P08- 27,4: Wheel diameter
    P09- 30: sorry guys, forgot to check the range on this one!!
    P10- 45: max speed, seems that range goes to 255, but of course your AMX won't go that fast!!!
    P11- 0 (0/1)
    P12- 2 (0,1,2)
    P13- 1 (0-255)
    P14- 3 (0-5)
    P15- 8 (5, 8, 12): Interesting range of options, no?
    P16- 12 (0-255): could this be the max throttle speed?
    P17- 31: The default for the Mini is 21: a clue? I did not check the range, but I expect 0-255
    P18- 1 (0/1)
    P19- 1 (0/1)
    P20- 1 (0/1)
    P21- 0 (0/1)
    P22- 0 (0/1)
    P23- 0 (0000-9999): this is the only setting with four digits
    P24- 0 (0/1)
    P25- 0 (0/1)
    P25- 0 (0/1)

  • Hi @federicobrigatti,

    Good investigative skills! Thanks for pointing out that we are a bit vague as to the purpose of the P settings.

    I've added the details of the display settings that can be adjusted to our helpdocs article here: https://analogmotion.helpdocs.io/article/m48xpeftcd-standard-display-setting-for-the-amx

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  • @jack very happy to read about P14 and also this page: https://analogmotion.helpdocs.io/article/ehhs9zbkn6-my-amx-feels-too-powerful
    I will try this tomorrow, hopefully this will mean I won't have to get rid of the AMX after all… The default setting was way too much assist for my own liking.

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  • This is AWESOME! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • I am also curious how this will affect power delivery. Like does it work globally, reducing/increasing power in all 5 power levels? Or does it increase the spread between the power levels?

    Because as much as I would like more control in lower power settings, I rely on level 5 to push me up a 8% gradient in front of my door...

  • I just tested this and it does not seem to work. I feel no difference between P14 setting 0 or 5, same thing for P14 setting 1 or 5, no difference..
    I tried this in assist level 1 and 5.
    Was hoping so hard for a solution.
    Anyone had success with this?

  • @marc

    Anyone had success with this?

    When I set P14 to 0, my AMX does still lift me up all the way to the max speed specified in P10, but it is not doing that as strongly as it used to (I think).

    And also while I am cruising at P10 speed, I think I feel less support than before. In other words, I think I have to put in more effort than before to stay at the P10 speed.

    I have to add, that the difference is not as big as I hoped for.


    Or does it increase the spread between the power levels?

    The way I experienced it, all the assist levels are affected similarly. Meaning, if you set P14 to 0, you have less assist at level 5. It would have been great, if level 5 would have stayed the same and P14 would have only increased the spread to level 1, but I think that is unfortunately not what is happening here. :(

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  • @Martin Hahner I notice the exact same. I've got my p14 set to zero now and the power comes in less strong on all assist levels.

  • Agreeing with what's been written here. While setting P14 to 0 is an improvement, it's not good enough. @jack, @nav there must be more possibilities? I'm pretty sure the controller can be communicated to through a serial port / TTL cable. Can't we tweak the assit levels the way other controllers allow it? What controller is it even?

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  • Is it possible to change the walking assist speed? It was quite fast for me. I had to run while using it.