Long Range Battery issue

Oct 13, 2020 - 11:34 PM

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  • Hi- I received my AMX City Step in September 2020 and I have problems with the long range battery but none with the regular range battery. The long range seems to disconnect- I'll be out riding and watching the display to watch it sometimes (1) completely turn off (2) battery charge drop and then come back up and then turn off, or battery change drop all the way to zero and turn off. All of this happens a few minutes into a ride on a fully charged battery. My steps to attaching the battery- make sure I hear the click and fasten it with the tightest setting on the wrapping mechanism. I have NO problems with the regular range battery. I'm not happy as I paid over $200 for the long range battery and it appears to be defective. I've reached out by email to support and not had received any help that was useful. I'd like a refund or a new battery. I've also asked for that from support with no response.

  • Hi @marlynchu ,

    No problem at all here. I can see that you have contacted support. The team is discussing and we'll certainly support you and get this sorted asap.


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