Touring pack mount doesn’t fit - holes don’t align

Aug 31, 2020 - 9:18 AM

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  • I bought the touring pack add-on from Backerkit, to carry a spare battery. Went to attach it to the bike today... and the holes don’t align between the mount and the frame.

    I guess I could take a file to the mount to remove some of the plastic and metal to bodge it, but don’t see why I should have to. Currently tied on with some lovely ribbon so the battery doesn’t fall off.

    Anyone else encountered this? Any tips, AM?


  • Hi @am, this should not be the case as we have personally fitted a number of these without issue. Can you post measurements or a picture with a ruler held up so we can take a look?

  • Thanks Nav, here are pics/video for you. As you can see, even when the mount’s top bolt is adjusted to the fullest height, there isn’t room for the bottom bolt.




  • @nav @am Don't know if this helps but I just measured the frame fixing spacing on my AMX and AMX Step. Centre to centre they came up as 64.5mm and 64mm respectively. The one's on AMs bike look more like 66mm in that picture. Are they just a little bit out of spec? I am guessing that as these are brazed in there is a bit of a margin of error. Its clearly a close thing and a little bit of filing on the touring pack slot would do the trick, but that is a bodge I agree.

  • Same with me, AM1+ touring mount doesn't fit :( and I waited 2 months for it.