Is everybody happy with the ride quality?

Aug 26, 2020 - 6:06 PM

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  • Me too i have the same problem.
    In level 1, the bike should not want to reach the max speed.
    I's ok when this happens in level 5, i love the power in level 5, but it is simply not possible to ride at lower speeds (e.g. in the city centre). I like to adapt speed to the traffic, but the bike forces me to stop pedaling to often.
    Would love to see if AM can provide a solution!

  • In theory this should be a software fix, but maybe the controller cannot be updated.

    AM doesn't seem to have the resources to focus on this now because of the large number of shipments they are managing, but their reply so far is disappointing because I'm essence it's we designed the AMX to blast past other bikers, learn to love it. It runs counter their marketing slogan promoting the enjoyment of the journey.

    I suspect that for many, enjoyment is tied to being in control of the bike, which happens through handle bar, body lean, and pedaling. On the AMX, at slow speeds, the pedaling element is eliminated turning the bike into an electric scooter with poor power modulation. Is only when the road opens up or going uphill that the AMX fully feels like a polished ebike. Power is strong and consistent and the motor is sooo much quieter than my other bike.

  • I have exactly the same issue as discussed above, the power assist level isn't working as it should be. Level 1 gives same amount of power assist as Level 5. The only difference is the speed at which the assist stops. I hope AMX will come with a solution or software update to solve this issue soon.

  • I too think that the power assist levels aren't well tuned and are way too strong on level 1 & 2.

    I thought I'd switch to the AMX from an AM1+ that I rode for the last twelves months. And while almost everything about the AMX feels like a step up, and well considered, the decision to give the AMX so much power that in city traffic among pedestrians it feels like a motor scooter, not a bike, is a huge show stopper for me. I want to feel like I am still in control of the bike and still using human force to power it, I don't want to feel patronised by a controller that right away puts in all it's got and appears to be saying you don't need to be pedalling at all, look how strong I am!

    So I came here thinking there must be a configuration switch that allows me to adjust that, but there is no mention of that, and instead, I find attitude from the founders:

    @jack: “Any less boost than this is not necessary - and less fun 🙂”

    @nav: “I hope that you grow to love the power and security that high torque can offer, especially on less forgiving terrain and when boosting away from traffic and lycra clad cyclists. Make sure to smile at them as you blast off into the distance.”

    Guys, I'm sorry, but maybe take a step back listen to yourselves. You may have a dislike for lycra clad cyclists, and other people may not like people on e-bikes zipping past them as if they were sitting on electric scooters, in areas where scooters aren't allowed, but bikes are.

    Traffic is a complicated thing, and it is quite different in every city. In places where pedestrians and bicycles mix in many areas, the AMX's default settings are a terrible choice. Right now I regularly find myself switching to 0 to not feel ashamed riding this thing in such mixed environments. A good product acknowledges the complexity of this and doesn't encourage egoistic behavior in places where we should focus on getting along as a community instead. There is too much of that elbows-out thinking in 2020 already. Isn't it time to change that?

    If you tell me there is no setting I can change, and no willingness to adjust it from the makers e.g. in form of a firmware update that I could flash to the bike, then I will have to stick to my AM1+ and sell this new bike instead. That's a real pity, because almost all the other aspects of its build feel better.

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  • I have changed the wording in my long post above a bit as I felt it was too strong. I know that the AM folks are putting in endless hours and extra hard work to make everybody happy, and making everybody happy may be an almost impossible mission. But I also think it's important to understand that there are many customers that share this feeling about the AMX being too strong on low assist modes, and just brushing that away as us not getting it and having to adapt to the bike, not the other way round, is not a good way of handling our requests / suggestions / input here.

  • @lehni

    I want to feel like I am still in control of the bike and still using human force to power it, I don't want to feel patronized by a controller that right away puts in all it's got and appears to be saying you don't need to be pedaling at all, look how strong I am!

    Well put!
    I don't know how the AM1 felt like, but I almost reached 500km on my AMX and I am basically only using either assist level one or assist level five or sometimes also level zero as you described. Level five on crazy hills, level zero in dense bike lane traffic, and level one otherwise. Levels two to four are basically useless.

    @jack and @nav
    You released an amazing product!
    Now, let's work together to find a solution that there is an option to modify the AMX in such a way that once modified, assist level three feels like the current assist level one and modified level one will feel like I am controlling the bike and not the bike is controlling me. Level two and four can then be used for something in-between, although I don't know if they ever will be used by anyone.

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  • I can't wait for AM to finish delivering all the AMX so they can finally put some resources toward this issue. I feel that the response so far ahs been somewhat arrogant --what I would expect from a monolithic megabrand from the 90s not a nimble Kickstarter company. We are not asking to geld the AMX, keep the full power as strong as it is, but make better use of the 1-4 settings, so there's a more gradual power delivery curve. It should not be hard to achieve with software.

    I bought the AMX because of the positive reviews I saw on the AM1, but I feel duped. I was sold an ebike that was supposed to be different from other muscle-bound ebikes with gigantic motors, and huge battery packs. Something simpler, nimbler, and suited for urban environments. We got part of that in terms of the overall design and aesthetics. I was even one of the few who did not complain with the change to the lower profile rims, happy to trade looks for less weight. However, in the programming of the controller, AM dropped the ball and delivered a bike that's anything but civilized. Reading the comments from @lehni I'm wondering if the AM team kept the same programming from the AM1 and did not take the time to modify the power response to the more capable AMX.

    So far I've added a beautiful Velo Orange rack and Linus panniers and will soon add a new saddle... the bike will look fantastic, but if the ride quality is subpar what's the point? Hard to Enjoy the Journey, no?

    I want the AMX team to understand I'm really trying to like this bike, but the power delivery as shipped and AM's team lack of concern about the feedback is disappointing.

  • @federicobrigatti I agree with your observations, and feel quite similarly about the situation. It sounds like a problem of perception. I still think the AM founders @jack and @nav mean well and are genuinely excited about what they created, but it does sound like they simply cannot accept the fact that not everybody expects the same behaviour from a bike, or live in different situations where different characteristics are required form such a vehicle. And I don't understand what 5 levels of assist are for, if not tuning such behaviour to one's desires.

    To answer your question about the AM1: I don't think it's the same controller at all. It feels very different in many ways, like a completely different bike. For example, when you reach a speed where you are near the maximum where the controller is supposed to not help anymore, the way it kicks in and out of assist as you cross that threshold back and forth feels much less smooth on the AMX than the AM1. It was the first thing I noticed when I went for a test run. This too is something that could probably be adjusted, but not if we don't have access to the firmware, or its parameters (see here for more information on that: https://analogmotion.com/community/forums/forums/5092-amx-technical-discussion/topics/19905-controller-hacking/page/1#post-94471)

    The way the AMX rides and behaves right now feels as if somebody was tweaking the controller for maximum performance, measuring the resulting behaviour only in certain kind of situations (going up a hill, going fast on large roads, etc), and ignoring the diverse situations that we are all using these bikes in. It's not the kind of polished experience I would expect form such a product, and I think we are all rightly disappointed.

    My AMX is currently in the basement, I am still riding the AM1 that I was planning on selling, and I am sitting on the fence as I am still hoping that there will be a fix for the AMX so I can keep that instead.

  • I just want to add my opinion. I completely agree with all of you, and only after a single commute (my battery was faulty, sadly). I did about 40km in total, and really felt out of control in situation when pedestrians, other bikes and scooters were in a few square meters. As many have said before, I had to pedal from time to time, risking getting off balance and injuring a pedestrian, myself or both.

    I sincerely love the rest of the bike, after changing the handlebar and appreciate the effort all AM workers have put into it. That is why I think it can only help to address this problem, so there is a more appreciable, smoother transition between the different assist levels.
    As it is right now, I'm only using modes 0-2 or 3 at most in bigger streets or bicycle-only lanes due to lack of control.

    Finally, I also don't like that at higher assist levels the cadence sensor is so sensitive, pushing you aggressively when you are only slightly re-positioning your feet to place them on the ground on a traffic light for instance. I know a cadence sensor is not capable of being so smooth as a torque sensor, but tweaking its programming will certainly help.

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  • Ok, it looks like it may actually be possible to tweak the controller to our liking after all!

    @jack has apparently posted more details on the P settings, and it sounds like P14 is what we want! I haven't tested it yet, but here the details:


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  • I'm not sure if the new bikes delivered have different settings. I'm quite happy with the assistance. If I'm on the sidewalk, I can very easily control my speed. Just turn the pedal little bit to kick the motor in and that's enough.

  • Ive turned down the power, but its still a bit too powerful. Would be nice to have to put a bit more user effort in. Also going through tight spaces and junctions can be a bit tricky.

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  • Setting P14 to 0 doesn’t help much, I am asking myself, if there will be a solution from AM? More user effort during cycling on battery would be essential, whereas it’s almost impossible to move the bike without charged battery.

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