Swapping front brake from right to left position

Aug 24, 2020 - 6:45 AM

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  • I’m in the US and was surprised the front brake was on the right side. Googled it and found out that was a thing. Anyways that seems really dangerous to me as I don’t want to accidentally pull the wrong brake in an emergency situation. Anyone else have the same concerns and swapped them? An instructable would be great!

  • Just switch both handles

  • Abel Payne:
    Just switch both handles

    That was originally my plan but the brakes handles are not symmetrical and need to be mounted upside down. They don’t look right and feel off because they are set too low.

  • Perhaps its possible to unplug the cables from the handles? Leave the handles, switch the cables? Ususally these connectors will be the same.

  • @petacek Its easy. Just release the brake cables at the callipers (to give slack in cables). Then from the levers just remove the cables (just cables not any wiring). This can be done via the slot in the lever / adjuster. And then swap over. Reconnect brake cable at calliper. If you are still struggling I will post pictures if I get some time.

  • @cjm1066, I'd love pictures of the operation as I will need to change the default à l'Anglaise mode to the one used in France. I know, I know, 1000 years of wars about standards :)

  • You loosen the cable by going to the caliper in picture 1. Depress the brake lever to create slack, (you can see the object of our desire, that little grey disk,) in picture 2. Turn the knurled knob that adjusts tension at the brake lever until the open channel in both parts lines up with the channel on the brake lever, (hard to see, but it's there,) in picture 3. Pull the cable through the channel so it is clear of the brake lever, then just pull out the cable end disk in picture 4.
    Now, repeat the process on the other brake. Reverse the cables and reverse the order of dismantling to reassemble. You will have to reroute your cables at the head tube by opening the cable clips and changing out the cables from front to back, but, I feel, no pictures are required for that.
    Lastly, a word of caution. It appears that there is an input from the left brake lever to the bicycle computer to tell the motor to turn off when you brake. That input is now switched from the back to the front brake. So, going forward, your motor will kick off only when you apply the front brake.





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