[Fixed] Range and lights kit

Aug 16, 2020 - 9:56 AM

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  • I took my AMX LE out for a ride in the rain this morning to make sure everything was water tight (it is)
    However, I started the ride with 80% battery according to the display on the battery.
    I had the lights on as it was raining, but after just 6km of riding (varying the level of assist depending on the terrain, even turning assistance off completely when up to speed on flat ground)
    Well after just 6km the battery was down to 20%

    Has anyone else noticed the lights draining the battery very quickly?

    I bought my AMX to do my daily commute. 12 miles each way. I'm now concerned that it won't do a round trip on one charge especially if I have the lights on 🙁

    And an extra battery will set me back £285!

  • I think the battery needs to go through a few charge cycles and the initial 80% is not accurate on a new battery. So I had the same experience on the first ride but now (has been run down and charged several times) I am getting mega range. Went out yesterday 14km and the battery (not the display - that is always a bit dubious) was still showing 4/4. I could easily get 60km out of it I reckon.

  • I had the same issue.
    2 miles ride flat ground level 1 assist, no light on, battery dropped from 100% to 50%.

    Still waiting for AM support's reply.
    Seems to be a long queue and long wait any questions asked.

  • I'm having similar problems with the range of the battery...

    • Charging the battery from fully depleted isn’t taking the three hours that is recommended – that is the green light on the charger comes on much sooner than this. It's taking 40 mins max to charge!!!
    • When I press the button on the battery all the green lights come on to indicate that it’s full charged.
    • When I take the bike out, I get no more than 7 miles before the bike switches itself off.

    I have gone into the settings – option 14 – and set this to 1 so that it’s giving the least aggressive assist, and I also have it constantly in pedal assist number 1, and therefore the bike is offering the least amount of assistance possible and still only giving me 7 miles of range.

    I purchased this bike from a seller on Ebay, who was an early backer of the AMX. He’d received the bike in October and ridden it only several times to test it and only charged the bike once. The bike was therefore brand new when I received it, so the battery hasn’t been through hundreds of charge cycles.

    I love this bike but I’m so frustrated that I can’t use it for its intended purpose, which is to cycle to work and back – a 20 mile round trip.

  • HI David, welcome to the AM family.

    Please reach out to us support@anaologmotion.com and we'll ensure that you're running exactly as you should be.



  • I also see similar issues. My battery died at 28km. The title says FIXED. What was the fix?