Classic LE - Brake upgrade

Aug 14, 2020 - 1:14 PM

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  • Hi
    Because i'm not 100% satisfied with the brakes of the bike: Has anyone made an upgrade of the brakes yet?

  • No, but I am also considering to upgrade mine to Avid BB7s because my disc in the front can not be aligned perfectly.

    Either the disc pads are slightly touching and produce a constant ticking noise, or they are too far apart to get firm brake performance.

  • I had some setup issues with the brakes as well. My final impression is that they are just not very high quality as i would have expected. After a break-in period it will get better though as the pads wear a little in to the disk so it has better contact.after a couple of rides you can tighten them a little bit by turning the silver alignment thingies where the cables go into the handles...