Creaking from the pedals / carbon belt (AMX classic)

Aug 14, 2020 - 8:28 AM

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  • Sadly I have had to stop riding my AMX for this reason. With only 75km on the odometer.
    The creaking is now ever present even under light peddling load.
    I've emailed support regarding this but haven't heard back yet. I'm hoping if I get it back the the AM office they'll be able to take a look.

  • Matt Lowery, thanks for your share.
    Mine is deteriorating too (I've done 120 miles), the noise now happens with light force.
    I'm not at the point where I'm stopping riding the bike yet as it's my daily commute.

    I'll share any update any update once I receive from AM support.

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  • Hey People out there,

    I received my AMX LE pretty early and after 50 km I had the exact same problem. I mailed AM and they wanted me to check that the pedals and crank arms are torqued properly and the belt tension is not to high!
    I checked everything they told me but nothing changed after adjusting some minor things.
    I replied to them but as the enquires got more cause they delivered more Bikes I haven’t heard from them yet.
    So I took a deeper look myself as I really like the bike and was eager to continue riding:

    Firstly I removed pedals, Crank arms and chain rings. Only thing left now was the bottom bracket. It actually was not torqued enough as it was around 20Nm and should be about 50Nm. If you want to remove it to check if the bearings are greased or the thread is ok be carful because there is the pedal sensor in there (wiring!). To tighten/remove the bottom bracket you’ll need special tools (10€).

    I now putted everything back together with all the suggested torques and the noise seems to be gone. I’ll keep you posted if it’ll pop up again.

    If you have question about how to do it, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m happy to help!

  • I could also get rid of the creaking. As Aaron pointed out, remove both pedal arms. Then remove the the sleeve of the bottom bracket on one side. Give the bottom bracket a slight push (careful with the wires) and fill the gap with grease. Then put grase in the removed sleeve and tighten in to spec torque.
    Manufacturing the bottom bracket like this is cost cutting at it’s finest. I am so disappointed and it leaves a shallow feeling regarding the overall safety of the bike. Customers should not be supposed to fix a new product themselves. Last bike for me from Analog Motion for sure.


  • @Aaron Bachmann @FastNumber - great work! I have also raised this with support. It certainly does not affect all bikes (mine is fine). Strikes me that someone on the assembly line needs a word in their ear. This is not cost-cutting it is just a failure of process. Annoying but that's life. However AM need to sort.

  • I had this problem too after about 20 miles.

    After one reply from support and then radio silence I took into my own hands and tightened every nut and bolt I could. Swapped out the pedals for ones from my old MTB and sprayed wd40 into the bottom bracket.

    This did the trick for me. Stopped the creaking. Now up-to 76 miles.

    The bottom bracket bearings do feel rough though, so will see about longevity...

    As others have said left me feeling sour about Analog Motion. :(

  • Same on my AMX Mini after 20 miles. Better take a look before it gets worse

  • I have the same problem and creaking pedals is really embarrassing considering it’s a brand new bike.
    I have a screw type pedal remover and I bent the handle trying to get the crank arms off they’re so tight. I guess I’ll have to give it to my local bike shop for a strip down and regrease.
    Pretty slack really.

  • Hi everyone above @tjsmith @markstockdale @simonbugler @fastnumber27 @aaronbachmann @christianfisher and others. I pulled the moderator card and got in touch with support on this. Have also been at work stripping down mine (no creaks) just to see what we are talking about. Good news. A fix is in hand. Important thing is to eliminate all the obvious and easy things. I will try and do a post on this. If that fails then it is down to the bottom bracket bearing not being adequately tightened, torqued up in the factory. It has now been corrected at the factory end but obviously us 'lucky' early receivers are also guinea pigs - well that's the nature of being first! So AM support will post a fix very soon. I will badger them to do so because otherwise the forum will fill up with this issue. BTW - I think support is overwhelmed at moment but they are getting through the backlog.

  • CJM1066, thanks for your input.
    The fix can't come soon enough, this has ruined first month of AMX ownership.

  • Hi all. Started a new thread https://analogmotion.com/community/forums/forums/5092-amx-technical-discussion/topics/18813-creak-or-click-from-bottom-bracket-solved/page/1#post-87580 on this just to make it more visible. Good work @Aaron Bachmann @FastNumber who nailed this problem. I am badgering support to get an official guide to solving it but for those that have the tools it is a straightforward fix. Definitely an issue at the factory and has now been corrected as source.

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  • My creak took a turn for the worse today when the pedal arm came loose out on a ride! Almost can off very quickly.

    Luckily a friend had a tire took that kind of fitted the hex and I had to tighten it every half a mile ...

    Be careful everyone.

    Very disappointed still no support response!

  • The result of shoddy workmanship.


  • No more creaking on my bike since I could unmount and grease the left hand side crank+bottom bracket sleeve this week-end.
    What a pleasure to get rid of this creaky perturbation and ride effortlessly in silence !
    Thanks to all contributors !

  • @christophe92 Well done. Result. Problems are very annoying but fixes very satisfying!!

  • A squirt of WD40 stopped the squeaking today for a few hours. Obviously not a fix but it can help in a pinch.

  • Matt Lowery:
    I have this problem too.
    Seems like a design fault. I'm currently working from home so I don't need to use my AMX all that much... I'm hoping AM come up with a solution to this soon.

    The solution is quality components.

  • I got a replacement display sent to me (a second hand one for some reason) after mine got water logged and stopped working, so at least my AMX turns on again. However when I took the bike to my local Halfords to get the bottom bracket tightened I got it back creak free but now the pedal sensor seems to have stopped working... (sigh)

    The throttle still works and the display works fine but no pedal assist at all. Has anyone else got this problem?

    I have to say that quality control on my bike seems to have been completely non existent. Hughly dissappointed... 6 weeks into owning the bike and it still doesn't work as advertised.