Is it safe to leave the AMX outside when it rains?

Aug 13, 2020 - 8:08 PM

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  • I am a little bit concerned if it is OK to leave my AMX LE out if it is rainy.

    This holds true for both, battery attached or battery not attached.

    • In the case of the battery attached, I am concerned about the battery being water-resistant.
    • And in the case where the battery is not attached, I am worried about water getting into the battery connector / electronics below the battery holder.

    I found this in the manual:

    • Remove the battery from your AMX before you store it
    • ...
    • Protect your AMX from all environmental conditions: rain, snow, frost, dust, and dirt during storage

    But what I am after are more real-world experiences from AM1 riders.

    Should you really avoid it at all times and all costs
    or is it OK to sometimes leave it unprotected from rain?

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  • Hi Martin - Real world experience from a seasoned AM1 rider / user. Its fine!! (On both counts). I use mine for real world commuting come rain, shine and hail. I always remove the battery when parking up (don't want it stolen) but its got plenty wet on a number of rides. The battery controller is water proofed. If there is water pooled in there I just blow it away, hook up battery and go.

  • Thanks. That's exactly what I was hoping to hear! ♥