Display doesn't turn on

Aug 12, 2020 - 12:48 PM

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  • Hi, I just assembled the bike but the display doesn't turn on.
    Sometimes it turns on, but turns off almost immediately.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    Is the battery faulty?

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  • I had a similar issue with my display and lights. As I would ride they would randomly shut off. Turns out that the battery wasn't seated correctly and was disconnecting from the electronics (user error). For my battery, I need to give a slightly more forceful push into the holder until I hear and feel a click. At that point I no longer had the issue and the battery feels more secure in the holder.

    Hope this helps, I felt like an idiot once I realized.

  • Thanks a lot, Chris!
    I'll try later.
    I think this passage should be better explained in the tutorial.
    I thought about it, but I was also worried about breaking something by pushing too hard!

    Edit: it worked!

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  • A more firm push of the battery into the controller should do it.

    Thanks for the feedback @andreapoddighe , I've updated the Assembly Instructions to include this tip 🙂 https://analogmotion.helpdocs.io/article/1xbzb00iod-amx-assembly-instructions#7_amx_battery_installation