Caution on clearance of cable to rear tyre (AMX LE)

Aug 6, 2020 - 6:31 PM

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  • The only issue I encountered on my new AMX LE was that the (factory assembled) cable tie that clips the rear brake and electrical cables to the rear fork was VERY close to rear tyre (see photo). I snipped off that cable tie and eased the cables behind the mudguard / fender then re-clipped it (see photo)



  • Great fix! The cable should sit behind the mudguards to keep the clearance good 👍

  • For me, this problem got worse and worse over time, so even after the fix from above the tire is now sometimes touching the cable(s). On the other side there is plenty of space!





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  • Figured it out myself, but I assume a guide will be helpful for other users.
    The tire now has a good gap to the cables,
    but knowing more about the mechanics of the frame,
    I wonder how much time it will take until one has to adjust it again.



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  • How did you do it?

  • I fully removed the red bolts and nut, then the green part becomes loose and you can fiddle a bit around with it until you get access to a hidden screw in blue.
    With this screw, you can adjust the position of the red bolts relative to their notch.

    Then I repeated the process on the other side and turned the screw the other way around there. I used two full rotations on the side of the brake and four full rotations on the other side to get the wheel centered.


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  • After seeing this thread I went downstairs and checked ours and neighbors' bike. I checked around 10 bikes. All of them have this cable attached to the bottom of the frame.

    Isn't it awkward that AMX has this inside with the potential to touch to the tires?

  • @martinhahner Good fix. It looks like your wheel had come out-of-centre and the process you used to correct this is spot on. I notice we don't have a guide for how to do this yet so I've added to the content list for our technical team to create.

    @tahsindane It's inside the rear stay so that it is less prone to external damage and looks cleaner.