AMX User Manual and Assembly Guide

Aug 1, 2020 - 10:31 AM

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  • Hey Everyone! I'll pin the Assembly Instructions and User Manual links here for your reference.

    AMX User Manual:

    AMX Assembly Instructions:

    AMX Accessory Installation:

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  • Hi Jen - Instructions are generally great but my AMX LE came with the right hand side brake sensor unplugged. You may want to amend the instructions to reflect this and have a step in there Connect brake sensor if not connected. A friend received an AMX (not LE) and had the same issue.

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  • Perhaps step 0 could be: charge your battery.

  • Just built my AMX Classic LE yesterday. Instructions were good. A few pieces of feedback on the build instructions:

    • Would be good to include in the instructions the 'power for future accessories' connector that's left poking out of the bottom of the frame.

    • The cable for the rear light was already through the seat-post, great! However I couldn't see any labelling on the two wires in the cable so was difficult to tell how I should know which was + and which was -. Did I miss the labelling? Either way that could be clearer. I ended up using a multimeter to make sure I had it correctly connected.

  • Thanks for your feedback David! Really appreciate when customers input constructive feedback.
    I have added the cable confusion on the instruction page.

    About the light cable, the red cable and the black cable is negative, have you seen the video? There is a + and - signs on the rear light, they are a bit hidden by the clamp but you can see them:

    Let me know :)

  • Have the same problem! The cable coming out of the frame has a red and a black wire, but the cable coming out of the saddle has two black wires, so it’s not clear which one goes to + and which to - in the rear light. And I don’t owe a multimeter. By checking this the cable now. Flipped into the frame , next problem. How I get this out?!!
    Really annoying if AM delivered different things than shown in the video-and it is not helpful to warn about changing red and black cable (can destroy the bike) if both cables delivered are black!!

  • Hey guys, thanks for your feedback, we've updated the light instructions, the dashed line is positive and the full black cable is negative.

  • Ok, that’s correct now! But the white dash line is very weak, you have to look really close and concentrated!