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Dec 1, 2020 - 3:19 PM

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  • My AMX Step is just wonderful. Assembled in three hours. Here are some notes that may help others:

    • I think breaks are just fine, they block the wheels so I feel more would be an overkill, I just had to play to understand how to adjust it properly
    • When connecting the back light make sure to check polarity: red cable becomes black with white stripes through the seatpost and that one goes to the (+) sign, look carefully
    • The front fender arrived a bit squeezed in one end, worry not: remove the wire, pull it open a bit since is nice aluminum and assemble it back. By the way, the wire that holds it to the wheel can also be adjusted a bit to have it perfectly centered.

    Congratulations Jack and Nav, I know you've put effort on this and I really wish Analog Motion continued success. Count me in as ambassador to show off my bike to potential customers 👍


  • Thanks for the advice, mine is arriving today ! Any tips for the assembly? I've never assembled a bike before

  • Hi Adrian, congratulations, nice bike ! I hope to be able to ride with you and other AM owners in Paris one day...
    I can see on your picture you mounted the backlight with the wires downside. I mounted it with the wires upside as proposed by other people on the forum. The wires are less visible this way. Did you do it on purpose ?

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  • Hi Adrian, glad you're happy. That's a great observation about the fenders. Sometimes the fenders can loose alignment in transit but the fender supports are malleable and can be pressed back into the correct position without consequence. Enjoy your ride. Nav

  • Hi Adrian,

    Thank you so much for your positive feedback, really appreciate the honest review you've done here. Enjoy your ride :)

    For the first anonymous reply, we have all instructions here:

    Pierre from AM

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  • thanks!

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