AMX Step Capital

Oct 4, 2020 - 2:53 AM

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  • Here is the Step Capital I ordered for my wife's birthday. After all the posts complaining about the poor ride quality, I wanted to post something to show we do lie the bike and even took the time to accessorize it with a minimalistic V.O. rack and snazzy panniers.

    AMX Step Capital.jpg

  • This color is awesome. I wished the same was available with LE when we bought it.

  • Beautiful picture! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the AMX :) That VO orange rack is very nice and minimalist! We added it to our list of compatible accessories

    You can see the list here:

    Please feel free to give us any feedback on accessories you've fitted on your bike

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  • Looking really good! Like those panniers - what are they?

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