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  • The new AMX is really an upgrade making an already great good product great

The new AMX is really an upgrade making an already great good product great

Sep 1, 2020 - 11:24 AM

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  • Got the bike last week and it is extremely well built and runs like a dream. I also backed the original AM bike (Step+) back in 2018 that I (well, my wife) have been very very happy with, however there were some things that could make it even better that I believe have been implemented in the AMX. The wider tires is a very good addition when you ride with full battery support (25+ KM/t) and it feels more sturdy. The “gear/support” changer is also much more well thought through. Easier to get it turned on and change battery support level while riding with a single hand. The integrated lights connected to the battery is so obvious it’s surprising it was not already implemented in the original AM bike. The front fork seems/feels also much sturdier. The way the battery support kicks in when you start up your ride is a lot more smooth than the original AM, and you don’t get the same “chock”/tailwind as with the AM. I do, however, find that when you hit cruising speed with e.g. Level5 battery support, the way the motor “stops” supporting is a bit abrupt. It simply feels “wrong”.

    I do miss the handlebars with integrated basket that was on the original (this I believe was not an option for the AMX)

    All in all, this is SUCH a nice eBike. I would buy again.

  • Hi!
    Thank you so much for your positive feedback, I am glad you love the bike and we sure do love them too :)
    I invite you to check this article about the power of your AMX if you want to do some fine tuning:


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