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Jack is very happy to see AM1s heading out to backers.

The first backer's AM1s have left the fulfilment centre and are on their way to their new owners. It has been a mammoth effort since we launched our Kickstarter in June and you will be amongst the first in the world to own an AM1! This first batch includes the Novembirds, Super Early Birds and most of the Early Birds.

The second batch will follow on from this. You will all be pleased to hear that the second batch has already cleared customs... so we're learning! All orders to USA, Australia and Japan will leave from this batch due to additional considerations with shipping.

When your AM1 is dispatched you will receive an email containing a tracking number to follow your order. You will be able to amend the delivery day if you will not be around to receive it.

We are aware that some backers are receiving an email stating a delivery day that is not accurate. The tracking number will provide accurate delivery information. Please only refer to the tracking number. We know this is a little confusing and we are doing our best to work out a solution. In the meantime, to avoid courier disappointment refer to the tracking number.