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USB-C April Update

USB-C April Update

Hi Friends,

We believe that e-bike batteries should be removable because most of us live in city apartments and wish to enjoy the convenience of leaving our bikes on the ground whilst charging our batteries wherever is most convenient.

Batteries are one of the most expensive components of an electric bike, so we have designed our batteries to be immediately removable, in just seconds. As a result, we often find ourselves with a large capacity battery in our bags, pockets or hands. If this battery can power an e-bike for tens of kilometres, what can it deliver to our portable devices?

This is why we designed the USB-C Power Supply; a highly portable and affordable device that converts the high voltage DC power to low voltage USB-PD (Power Delivery) compliant power that your iPhone, Macbook or USB-C device can utilise fully. It was also our first foray into UK manufacturing and assembly. We already utilise UK manufactured components on the AMX under a 3rd party company; Gates, who manufacture our Carbon Belts. We will be gradually on-shoring various capabilities as we grow so its judicious to start with something small yet powerful.

This update is to show you the progress we've made with the USB-C Power Supply and share a rough timeline for delivery. As with just about everything in the last 12 months, this project timeline has shifted with historical events.

Time for a little show and tell.

Below is the final prototype charging an iPhone.

The 'Golden Master' is being assembled this week. It will be the design that we show to our electronic assembly team who will use it as the reference for mass manufacture. In this case we will be manufacturing hundreds but can scale up if required.

We will reveal more details about the specification once testing has been confirmed but one thing we can say is that it will comfortably handle 45w power which will charge all Macbook and Macbook Pro models. Achieving this power is the feature that drove the necessity to manufacture a custom solution. Most existing chargers deliver between 10-25W, sufficient for a smartphone but too small for a Macbook to even recognise as a charger.

We know that as our cities begin to open up we're all going to be looking forward to working from parks, cafes and various spaces that aren't home. Or just chill'n.

And when that happens you can look forward to powering your activities with your AMX Battery.

Current delivery estimate is in June 2021.


Nav and the rest of the AM team.