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The New Improved AMX

The new improved AMX

Hi Everyone,

Jack & Nav here, the Co-founders of Analog Motion.

This is a post we’ve been looking forward to for two months now. We’ve been able to make continuous improvements to the AMX, many of which we have communicated with you in previous updates. We’re still gaining new backers every day so it’s timely to summarise all these changes into a single post.

Grab your beverage of choice and join us while we take you through some seriously cool improvements to your AMX.


You may have spotted the deep rims seen in the original Indiegogo campaign video have been on a diet. To be precise, we transitioned from a 40mm deep rim to a 25mm deep rim. We did this in January for a whole host of reasons which makes the AMX better all round. So that you can be as excited about this upgrade as we are, here’s what our testing revealed:


Ride quality - The tyres on the AMX are 2.0”. This provides amazing versatility for urban riding from mounting kerbs to floating across uneven cobbles. This large diameter does mean that the tyres are heavier than the 28c Kenda’s we had on the AM1. Deep rims added further to this weight. This combination adversely affected the ride quality, battery life and acceleration. The new rims with deep ‘balloon’ tyres improve the ride quality and even add a noticeable improvement to acceleration and battery life.


Locking - the 40mm deep rims and large diameter tyres created a combined depth that exceeded the allowance of most dutch style courtesy locks and many popular U-Locks too. We also experienced an issue when using most hook based vertical wall racks like those found in offices and blocks of flats; the AMX didn’t fit. Our testing revealed this to be a serious inconvenience. Securing such a valuable bike is important and this factored heavily into our consideration.


Weight - the new rims are ~600g lighter. As this is rolling weight, i.e weight that must be rotated by a combination of your legs and motor, this makes a BIG difference in ride feel.


Quality - Our 25mm rims have greater strength, more durable surface finish and are a premium rim that actually cost us more to produce but created a better product overall.


The display you’ve seen in the campaign is a spec that those of you with a keen eye for detail may have spotted on other models of electric bikes. Our testing revealed a number of issues which we’ve worked hard to successfully resolve. We changed to a near-identical alternative that’s just as stealthy but performs way better, here’s how:


Quality - The OLED display we used in the campaign had some issues with the clamp snapping if over-torqued and water ingress under the display in heavy rain. We know that many of you want and expect to ride in the rain (ok maybe ‘want’ is a strong word) and so the AMX had to hold up to being soaked regularly.


Ergonomics - The LCD display we now include features better ergonomics: every function can now be operated with your thumb or index finger while still maintaining a firm grip on the handlebars. The buttons also have more tactility which allows them to be used without looking.


Daylight visibility - Hands up who likes to ride in the summer? Everyone does! Well, the OLED display, under direct mid-day sunlight wasn’t fully intelligible. You can see from the image below how poorly visible it is under direct sun. The reason for this is the OLED is light-emissive while LCD is light reflective. If the emitted light is less bright than sunlight, it will not be visible. This was the case with the OLED display. The LCD has strong visibility in direct sunlight and complete darkness.


This one is for the bike nerds. The Gates Carbon Drive is a great technology which can be challenging when it comes tensioning it correctly. We’ve opted for a serious upgrade to the rear dropouts. We designed this CNC’d aluminium bad boy with steel friction inserts, tensioning screws and an internally positioned rear calliper mount. It looks beautiful too:

The Light Pack

The final light pack has also received our care and attention. The front light is an ultra-bright headlamp with integrated reflector and the rear light features a custom mount and cable routing system to ensure it’s extra-safe and stealthy. Our lights are STVZO compliant which is a legal requirement for our German friends. You can see that we have simplified the cable routing to improve aesthetics and installation.

The Rear Brake

The Rear brake is now mounted inside the dropout. As well as the aesthetic improvement it also protects the caliper from impact and improves the brake cable routing for increased longevity due to reduced wear.


The AMX has an ultra-durable 100% gloss finish. This looks ridiculously good in all lighting conditions. Here you can see the wonderful metallic finish on the Deep Blue.

The little stuff

Above is the biggest of our improvements. There are a whole host of tiny amends that make the AMX even better:

    • Fork cable integration
    • Courtesy lock mounts to the frame so every AMX can handle dutch style rear wheel locks.
    • Increased the cushion on flex on the saddle and stitched instead of glued the fabric
    • Improved rear motor cable routing
    • Customised rear motor laser etching
    • The seat post is laser etched with height markers. Super-useful if you share your bike.

AMX Mini

The AMX MINI is for the renegades and rule-breakers :) It breaks a few of them itself. It benefits from the Display, Light Pack, Paint and “The little stuff” upgrades as the AMX CLASSIC and STEP. But differs in numerous ways.

It is designed to be one of the lightest e-bikes on the market and so we’ve kept it as light as possible with a different dropout design, lighter bottom bracket, lighter headset, lighter rims (although slightly deeper than the CLASSIC and STEP) all while not compromising on durability and quality.

It’s such an impressive little runaround for the city. So much so we’ve found ourselves using it for everything from our daily commutes, to carry our pets and even pull our famous “Chariot” filming rig.

It’s great fun to ride and never fails to turn a few heads.

To the future...

We are immensely proud of everything we have achieved with the AMX. We can't wait to get you up and running.


Team AM