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Our Kickstarter Backers Named The AM1 Colours!

On Kickstarter, the AM1 was offered in two colours; Carbon Black and Clay Grey. But we always hoped we could offer more choice, so we set a stretch goal to offer more colours. We hit the goal and released the new colours to our backers named; Yellow, Green and White.


We wanted to get the backers involved with the AM1 process as much as possible, so we put the naming of these:

The results were conclusive:

  • Pistachio Green was the most popular for "Green" taking over 60% of the vote.
  • Stone White took 53% popularity.
  • Yellow divided opinion, with lots of alternative suggestions being submitted; the good, the bad, and the ridiculous; "Bumblebug Yellow" and "Gouda Yellow" being particular favourites of ours. Most of the suggestions contained a reference to the sun, so we settled on Sunset Yellow as a neutral compromise.

It was important to us that Kickstarter backers, our earliest adopters, feel informed and involved in the evolution of the AM1 as it makes its way to mass manufacture. The colour choice was a great example of letting customers take control, their feedback and suggestions were a great insight and we will use the colour names with pride.