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Manufacturing Updates, Product Films, Upgraded Customer Service & Website Launch

Manufacturing Updates:

Our factories are pushing hard and the progress is great. Our frame factory has sent over some photos of the frames in progress from about 7 days ago. The frames leaving the factory in November (Kickstarter Novembirds, Super-Early and Early birds) are currently being painted!

We are doing another factory visit next week to sign-off the finished production parts, ensure that everything is QC'd, labelled, packed correctly and then they will be loaded into shipping containers and shipped to our distribution centres. We are on track to ship at the end of November!

AM1 frame on the jig to ensure it is straight and true
AM1 frames moving through the production line

We also updated some of our component branding. All of our batteries have been beautifully laser etched, replacing what was previously a decal, so that now it will not rub off, flake or crack with use.

AM branding on our battery outer casing
Top cap laser etching


Product Films

We will soon release new product films that showcase the latest colours and amends. These were shot almost entirely using The Chariot as an e-bike powered dolly. 

Shooting moving bikes on The Chariot
The Chariot doing what it does best


The Website is Live!

Our website is now live! You will see the new add-ons and a full range of colours and sizes.

Additionally, now you can add on spare batteries and The Chariot to your order. For a limited time, spare batteries and The Chariot will be discounted so get your orders in soon.

For those who have pre-ordered The Chariot, you will receive a gift card for £50 which will automatically be applied to your account at checkout. You will receive an email confirming this but note that this gift card is linked directly to your email address (the one you used to back us on Kickstarter) so it will automatically be applied to your account and visible once you are at the check-out stage. The gift card will only work for The Chariot.

Please wait for your confirmation e-mail before completing your AM1 purchase. In the email, you will get your unique details which will allow you to customise and order what you have already paid for. We do not want people to accidentally pay twice. The email we send you your discount codes to is the same email you used to back us on Kickstarter.

You can now build your AM1!


Upgraded Customer Service

We now have an integrated customer support system built into the website (the little red icon on the bottom right of our website). If you have any questions please use that to ensure we can get back to you as quickly as possible. We have a growing team who have access to that to ensure that we can be as responsive as possible. For shipping and delivery related questions please do refer to our delivery page as this will be kept up to date at all times.


We are off to the factory all next week so follow us on Instagram to get updates on what we are up to.


Jack and Nav