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How to maintain your AMX

Photo by nikzahn

How to maintain your AMX

All bikes require maintenance to be kept in good working order and the AMX is no different. Depending on where you live your bike may need extra care and attention. Living next to the sea, for example, rust can quickly become your worst enemy! If you ride in a sunny place your bike will face dust, while if you live in a wet country like the UK, your bike will face the rain, road salt (grit) and dirt from the roads. Remember that winter is usually harsher on your bike so it will require more maintenance during winter time.

Before you clean your bike

Remember that an AMX is an electric bike, so the first thing you need to do is to remove the battery. Do not clean electrical components with water or other liquids. Use a cloth and wipe them clean. Do not use any high-pressure water to clean your AMX. Make sure the disc brakes have cooled down before cleaning. Ensure the motor and other components are cool before cleaning

This is detailed in the AMX user manual.

There are a few key components to pay particular attention to on your AMX as you ride.


The tyres are the only point of contact between your bike and the road, they are one of the key components and can really affect ride performance and quality. Tyre pressure recommendation can be found on the sidewall of the tyre. This is usually stated as a range. For example, the AMX LE has Schwalbe Big Apple tyres which state 35-70PSI.

- Higher tyre pressure usually means a faster ride but you will feel the road surface more. High pressure is also optimum for battery range

- Lower tyre pressure is good for big tyres (like the one on our AMX LEs and Stealth), you’ll get a better grip and a more comfy ride. Be aware your battery range will reduce with softer tyres.

As a general guide, tyres should last between 2000 and 5000km. Tyres have a wear indicator so you will know when they will require replacement.

Brake pads

Your brake pads will wear out with time, it is good to check them regularly. They will usually pick up particles from the disc rotor. You can clean them by sanding them down lightly and give them a good rinse with water. It is super important to keep oil/grease away from the brake pads and rotor as it may prevent your brakes from working.

Brake rotors

If you have noisy rotors, they likely need to be cleaned. You want to choose a product that doesn’t leave any residues like isopropyl alcohol. Any residues left on the surface will make the braking worse. You want to avoid any contaminants going on your disc and brake pads, so always clean them last.

Belt drive or Chain

This is where Belt drive really shines, as some warm water and a toothbrush will be enough to clean it. Easy.

If your AMX is chain drive it is a bit more involved. Use some degreaser on the chain to remove any dirt and debris, you can also buy a chain cleaner to help you on that task. Once it is clean, wipe off any excess with a cloth and apply some fresh oil. You want to use wet lube in winter and dry lube in summer. Oil is important as it will increase your drivetrain lifespan. Do not put grease on your chain!

Frame and wheels

You can simply use an appropriate soap (we love Muc off) and warm water with a sponge to clean your frame and components, make sure you rinse with clean water after you’re done. You can then wipe your bike, and leave it to dry.


With the right care and maintenance you can avoid rust completely. Be aware of the conditions you are riding in and be sure to keep your AMX clean and well-maintained. A clean, dry AMX will not rust.

You may notice some of your components will starting to rust. Do not panic, this is normal and in most cases reversible. This is called surface rust and is harmless so long as it is taken care of. Wiping it off with WD-40 will be usually be enough. There are also dedicated rust cleaners on the market that will clean and prevent future rust whilst making the component look better cosmetically. Surface rust does not affect the performance in the vast majority of instance. Most importantly; the AMX's frame is Aluminium and will never rust :)


Grease is a good way to keep your components away from water. Most of your AMX parts won’t need grease but it is always good practice to put some grease on the seatpost or around the pedals threads before you install them. Grease will help prevent water to get in contact with the metal and also help in case you’ll need to remove those parts in the future.