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End of Year Summary and Shipping Estimates

First of all, huge thanks to everyone who has managed to customise their AM1 on our site. Aside some a few minor issues over 300 backers have claimed their bike. It was great to see all your colour choices and we even spotted a few mavericks who paired their AM1s with different coloured fenders to create a strong aesthetic. Nice!

For those that have not yet customised your bike, you can view the guide here and of course, we are always on hand via live chat to help you through if you are having issues.

If you follow us on instagram, we’ve been spending more time at our various factories, ensuring that each and every bike is made to our exacting standards.

Jack inspecting the welds on the forks.

Close up of the bottom bracket welds

The new semi-matt finish with AM branding on the head tube

 Branding on the rear stays with support bracket used for shipping.

We now colour match the metal lock on the grips to your hardware choice.

We include all the tools necessary to assemble your AM1.

Laser etched AM branding on each battery.

The first batch of wheels ready for inspection and shipping.

Product Films

Some of you will have already seen these on our website and social media but back in November we shot 2 new product films for the AM1 and AM1 Step. Check them out here:

Shipping Updates

True to our last estimates the first 200 AM1s shipped from the factory in early December and these shipping containers are making their way to our warehouse in the UK. When do I receive my AM1 we hear you say? It’s simple, we ship in order of backer number by tier. The first Novembird backers will receive their bikes first. There are some exceptions, however. Some early backers have not yet customised and we can’t ship until they do so. We’ll be sending out reminder emails to said backers as we know how busy it can get around this time of the year.

We're also experiencing higher than anticipated demand for certain colours. We've noticed a higher than expected percentage of backers choose colours which we were not anticipating based on the backer survey. Thus, we are running low on Sunset Yellow and Stone White in both Plus and Standard variations. If we run out of stock it will be shown at the product page prior to check-out. Other colours or size or frame type are unaffected. 

We’re also starting shipping with EU backers first as there are some outstanding issues around global export which we’re close to resolving.

To give you a reasonable estimate of the timelines for this batch of 200 AM1s refer to the timeline below.

To echo the sentiment of other start-up founders in the hardware space, shipping hardware is really hard and we’ve been working around the clock to get these out to backers as quickly as possible without compromising the quality of the product. 

What’s next:

  • In the new year, we will be expanding the team to help us manage the day to day challenges of running an e-bike startup.
  • Continue to ship to all backers while supporting each backer through the lifespan of the AM1 and beyond.
  • Continue to manufacture and sell the AM1 through our website

Thanks for everyone's support up to this point. It’s incredibly exciting to have completed this batch of production and we’re so excited to get these into your hands so you can start riding. This is the beginning of our next chapter and while it marks the end of a critical phase, it’s the beginning of a new and equally exciting one for us. 

Jack and Nav