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December 2020 Shipping Update

Hi Friends,

We hope you are warming up for a wonderfully relaxing holiday period, despite how the current situation is testing that ability.

Here at AMHQ we’re practising gratitude and so we’re thankful for so many things this year. Of recent note, is that all AMX’s from our most recent shipment have been dispatched before the borders closed to prevent further COVID-19-Mutant transmission.

Here in the UK we are experiencing disruption at an already busy time of the year. With the recently announced suspension on exports from the UK to many EU countries, we are temporarily unable to send items out of the UK. For any warranty parts and purchased accessories being sent out of the UK (not including Ireland), they’re currently on hold, see Royal Mail’s international shipping bulletin here. This is a fast moving situation, though undoubtedly there will be some extensions to delivery timings following this. We have no reason to believe that the current situation will affect future shipments of AMX’s yet to dock in the UK and we are closely monitoring the situation.

Members of our team are also unable to visit home this Christmas and therefore will be on hand for when the postal services resume. We kindly ask that you be patient with our support team whilst we try our best during these unprecedented times. We’ve posted an update on our office closure here.


Sasha and the rest of the AM Team