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Assembly Instructions Powered By Structhub

As you know, the AM1 arrives flat-packed. This is a first for an electric bike. A big part of the design process for getting the AM1 into production has been to make sure it is as simple as it can possibly be to assemble. Think IKEA, but for an electric bike.

Paramount to the simplicity of the assembly is the instructions. It can be the easiest e-bike in the world to assemble (we think it is) but with poor instructions, it would be a nightmare to understand.

We've partnered with Structhub for the AM1; an innovative platform that creates unparalleled digital instructions.


"We are super excited for customers to build their AM1 using StructHub. We want the build of the AM1 to be a fun experience. Customers will not only assemble their own e-bike but will gain an expert understanding of their daily steed."

Jack Chalkley, Co-Founder, Analog Motion


The StructHub platform provides clear step-by-step guides as you need them online or on mobile, online or offline. It allows for a level of detail per-instruction that is simply not possible through paper instructions or PDF; such as photos from multiple angles, or videos of the more intricate steps.


"Analog Motion's decision to provide StructHub to every customer is raw proof, that they care more about a great product experience
than business norms."
Mike Robinson, StructHub


As Analog Motion expands, the instructions will become even more integral to products and our customers. With Structhub, all instructions will be easy to find and effortless to use.


Paper instructions will still be provided, but we strongly recommend customers use the digital instructions.