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AMX Shipping and USB-C Update

Hi Everyone,

We’re back in AMHQ, social distancing and armed with litres of hand sanitiser. It’s time for an update. 😃

Shipping & Delivery Update

We currently have AMX shipments stretched across the oceans. Two accessories shipments have landed in the UK and are currently making their way to our warehouse, whilst the first 2 bike shipments are off the coasts of France and Greece. Once the first of these arrive at the warehouse we can begin sending these AMX’s to our first Backers

The first North American shipment is now at port waiting for departure across the Pacific (the original schedule for last Wednesday was rolled back at the 11th hour, thanks again COVID), whilst Rest of World Bikes remain queued to be dispatched as soon as the airmail industry resumes quasi-normal operations.

As bikes start leaving our warehouses, we will increase the frequency of our updates to the AMX Delivery Schedule Page:


Click here AMX Delivery Schedule

AMXs will be assigned to each Backer based on your Indiegogo Contribution ID as our warehouse teams processes each shipment. As these leave our warehouse you’ll receive a courier Tracking Number to monitor your delivery to your door.

We appreciate most of you are keen for more exact estimates ahead of this, but there are practical limitations to providing this as it comes down to a whole host of factors such as customs clearances, warehouse efficiency and the specifications of AMXs included in each shipping container - many of which are subject to revisions particularly in light of the current climate. As shipping progresses we'll be able to give increasing levels of detail which we’ll share via blog updates and the delivery schedule.

We have received a recent influx of enquiries regarding moving house dates, holidays and other factors that may affect delivery. We can confirm that once dispatched, you will be able to amend your delivery slot and address with the courier during transit subject to their terms and conditions (APC for UK, DHL for Europe, Fedex for North America and Rest of World). Where possible, we recommend using a delivery address that can accept the delivery at any time to avoid any coordination issues with the courier.

In the coming week we will lock address details in Backerkit for all early backers - you will be given a 48hr notice of the final deadline to make any changes. Once your address is locked your details will be passed to the warehouse so they have all the details needed to send out orders as soon as shipments arrive, so please ensure your details are up to date!

USB-C Adapter - Power Your Life


Time for an update on the USB-C adapter. This has been a real passion project for us. We believe in creating products that are designed for life in cities. It’s important for us that every touch point of our bikes reflects this, so we designed a USB-C power supply to allow your AMX battery to power your electronics once you arrive at your destination.

AMX batteries are effortlessly removable by design. Given the large amount of energy that is carried in a hand or a bag, it made sense for us to allow AMX users to harness this power for personal electronics like laptops and phones. The AMX Extended Range battery is 252WH which is 4.8x the battery capacity on a 13” Macbook Pro! You can run a laptop for many days on a single AMX battery!

The production time for the USB-C Adapter is significantly quicker than an e-bike (roughly a week or two), and whilst it is fundamentally a simple electronic device, manufacturing it presents some niche challenges. At the beginning of the campaign we had multiple hardware suppliers lined up who promised a lot but ultimately couldn't deliver on either timing, specification, quality or a combination of these factors.

As we were dissatisfied with the prototypes demonstrated to us, in May we formally kicked off the process of designing it in-house. This means we have complete control over how it looks, how it performs, and the quality. Our standards are incredibly high - our ethos is to only produce products that we would love to use ourselves and that enhance your day-to-day life.

For those who have ordered one, please note it’s being produced and fulfilled on a different timeline to your AMX bike and will be shipped separately. The reason for this is simple, we are unwilling to compromise on quality and we didn't want an accessory to slow down the delivery of your AMX. We will include regular updates of its progress in future updates.

Shooting the New Improved AMX

Since we’ve had our hands on the New Improved AMX, we have been able to go out into the wild, and finally, take some great shots of the AMX! The response has been phenomenal. Everyone who has had the opportunity to ride the AMX has been blown away. Here’s a preview of some of the photos from the shoot. You can expect to see these all over our website, social media, and maybe even an East London bus stop or two next week. 😇

Thanks again for your patience with this process. We know you’re just as excited to get your AMXs as we are to deliver them.

AM Team