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AMX Update - Over Half Delivered - Big Shipment on the way

AMX Update - Over Half Delivered. Big Shipment on the way!

Hi Everyone,


We are gearing up for our biggest AMX shipment yet. Once delivered, that will mean over 90% of all AMXs will have been received by backers. This is a monumental milestone and I’m sure we all agree it’s been a long time coming.

Lots of AMXs incoming!

Not only is it the biggest, it’s also the best. We’ve paid close attention to any learnings from the earlier shipments and have taken your feedback on board by actioning some assembly and packaging changes. For example, installing the rear light proved a more fiddly task than we intended; the latest shipment will have the internal seatpost wiring (the trickiest part) pre-installed so the light simply needs plugging in. We’ve also repositioned the display as some were being damaged in transport by ‘less than delicate’ couriers. So if you're one of the backers still waiting for your AMX rest assured we’re taking any learnings and using these to inform continuous improvements in the process so you can be up and running more smoothly once your AMX arrives. We’re really proud to be able to keep iterating as we learn from our ever-increasing number of riders out there.

All the components required for this shipment are in the assembly factory ready to go. You may remember how important this is (see our update from way back in March). Once the process can begin it only takes a few days until they’re ready to be shipped.


We have been pushing, hoping this update would be reporting that this shipment would be on the move, however this is not the case. A combination of implementing these improvements and an unprecedented curve-ball of an environmental protection inspection at our painting facility have pushed this mega-shipment back by some days. If your order is affected by this you have been notified via email today.


We appreciate how eager all you remaining Backers are to be up and riding; and our team are working tirelessly to make this a reality as soon as we can. Anyone still waiting will now be receiving regular emails from the Ops Team to keep you updated on your delivery window.

Delivering 1300 bikes to 30 countries is challenging at the best of times; e-bikes by their very nature are big, involve hundreds of components, and massive batteries that significantly complicate the shipping process. Our debut crowdfunding campaign in 2018-19 was not without complications, but suffice to say 2020 continues to throw unprecedented challenges our way in the sheer quantity and scale of the issues encountered. It only takes one supplier of one component to deliver late and an entire production run is held back, and in a supply chain this stressed with demand for bikes reaching unprecedented levels, these are not isolated incidents.

Over half of all AMXs shipped!

We are immensely proud to have delivered over half of all AMXs to backers now. Your messages of support, photos, stories, support, and all your contributions to our community and forum make these challenging times all the little brighter. And for those still waiting, we are sorry that we couldn't get you riding sooner. Know that you’re certainly going to receive your AMX and we’re doing everything we can to ensure this happens as soon as possible.


We love you all. We couldn't have got this far without you.


Jack, Nav and the rest of the AM Team.