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AMX Indiegogo Campaign Success!

Together, we did it! Thanks to your support we have exceeded our goals and are finalising our pre-production checklists.

What’s next?

There’s still a lot to do but we’ve been making great headway whilst the campaign has been running.

This is a process of many stages and we’re bringing you along for the ride. When it starts to get exciting we’ll share all sorts of juicy details including our design process, updated prototypes, manufacturing, testing, etc. Right up to the point where they are packaged, labelled and shipped to you.

As a heads up, there’s not much to show in the early stages of this. Expect the fun to start towards the end of the year.


What’s next for you?

Nothing, for now! We have received all of your pledges and are working on getting them produced

We’ll keep you updated via Indiegogo for project-wide updates, or emails for information specific to you, your perk or your tier

There will be opportunities for all of you to purchase new add-ons, any exiting add-ons that you forgot first time round, or even to upgrade if you want. This will be facilitated through a service we have partnered with called Backerkit. Once this is all set up and ready to go, you will be sent your Backerkit access details, so keep an eye on your emails!

Thanks to all of you for your support,

Nav, Jack, Ric & Pierre